What are the Benefits of Dutch Mill ProYo?

Dutch Mill ProYo! helps you stay fit and in shape.

Dutch Mill ProYo! contains High Vitamin B1 & B2. Vitamin B1 & B2 helps body to release energy from proteins, carbohydrates and fat.

Dutch Mill ProYo! is also a source of Calcium and High Vitamin D. Calcium helps support growth of strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D helps support Calcium absorption by the body and improves bone strength.

Dutch Mill ProYo! is also Low Fat and loaded with LIVE Lactobacillus active cultures that helps you with better digestion and may help support to be in good shape.

Where Can I Buy Dutch Mill ProYo?

Dutch Mill ProYo! 400ml is now available at 7-Eleven stores in Luzon and Dutch Mill ProYo! 100ml is available via Dutch Mill ProYo! Experts (authorized Direct sellers) in Luzon!

what is LIVE Lactobacillus?

These are type of good  bacteria that live in our digestive system. They helps break down the food you eat to help absorb nutrients easily by body and keep yourself in shape! Dutch Mill ProYo! contains two types of Live active cultures i.e, Lactobacillus bulgaricus & Streptococcus thermophilus

what is Triple goodness?

Triple Goodness is the tasty combination of Fresh Milk, Fruit Juice, and Yoghurt with LIVE Lactobacillus. So yummy, yet healthy!

Are all yoghurt drinks the same?

All yogurts start out with Live culture. Live and active cultures are introduced to pasteurized milk and convert the milk to yogurt via fermentation. Some yogurts, to extend the shelf life, reheat the fermented milk, killing off the LIVE culture. Dutch Mill Proyo does not do that because these Live cultures are beneficial to us. The trade-off is a shorter shelf life and need to be kept chilled at 4 – 8 degree celcius to keep the bacteria alive.

what are the available sizes of Dutch Mill ProYo?

Dutch Mill ProYo! comes in 100mL and 400mL bottles. So whether you want a small 100mL bottle for a quick drink, or a big 400mL for sipping throughout the day, we’ve got just the right size for you!

what is the shelf life of Dutch Mill ProYo?

Dutch Mill ProYo! shelf life is 60 days under the recommended storage condition of 4 – 8 degree Celsius. Always check the expiration date on bottle before consumption.

Are there other flavors of Dutch Mill ProYo?

Right now Dutch Mill ProYo comes in Strawberry and Blueberry. We promise you more yummy flavors are coming soon! 

Is it safe to drink past the expiration date?

We don’t advise consumption after the expiration date printed on the bottles! Always check the expiration date on bottle before consumption.

Is it ok for an 8-month-old baby to drink Dutch Mill ProYo! every day?

Children aged 1 year and above can consume Dutch Mill ProYo. The product should not be used to replace mother’s milk and it should be taken as a supplement to child’s normal diet. A physician should be consulted if the infant is not keeping good health.

Is it suitable for lactose intolerance?

Dutch Mill ProYo is a yogurt drink suitable for Lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerant body usually cannot digest lactose sugar in normal milk products, but in pasteurized yoghurt drink like Dutch Mill ProYo, it contains live lactic acid bacteria to help the body’s ability to digest milk and break down lactose. This delicious yoghurt drink maybe just what you’re looking for!

Is it okay for those suffering from Diarrhea to drink?

Dutch Mill ProYo contains the Triple Goodness of Fresh Milk, Fruit Juices, and Yoghurt with LIVE Lactabacillus. In this case it may be assumed that consumer is sensitive to acid food. We suggest you to drink a little and then gradually increase. It is always recommended to have Dutch Mill ProYo, not as a meal replacement but as a complementary drink that should be consumed along with regular diet. Kindly consult a physician if diarrhea persists for long time.

what is the difference between

Dutch Mill Delight Probiotic drink,

Dutch Mill Yoghurt drink,


Dutch Mill ProYo?

Dutch Mill Delight is a Cultured Milk or widely known as ‘Probiotic drink’ with Prebiotic Fibers. The Duo-Active formula of Dutch Mill Delight helps with BETTER DIGESTION & STRONGER IMMUNITY for the whole family!

Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink is a UHT treated long life ambient yogurt drink packed in Tetra cartons with BRAIN Support (Vit B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, Iodine) & BODY Support (Calcium, Vit D, Zinc) nutrients. Dutch Mill Yoghurt Drink comes in 6 tasty flavors: Strawberry, Blueberry, Orange, Mixed Fruits, Melon and Super Fruits that Kids love and Mom approved.

Meanwhile, Dutch Mill ProYo! is a Pasteurized chilled short shelf life Low Fat yogurt drink that comes in bottle format, fit for Teens and Young Adults with the Triple Goodness of Fresh Milk + Fruit Juice + Yoghurt with LIVE Lactobacillus that can help you STAY FIT & IN SHAPE!

Dutch Mill ProYo comes in 2 creamy berry flavors: Strawberry & Blueberry